David E. Corbin, PhD

Other items of interest   The New York Times  links of letters by David Corbin:   The Loneliness of MySpaceThe Second Sexual RevolutionImagine Being Old, First Define Old (scroll to the fifth letter) One Word: PlasticsFlirting with SuicideSouthpaw Fear: Oppression by the Right   Corbin's spoof on childbirth practices appeared in New Age magazine and has been posted online at: http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/hirsksx.html   Corbin's depiction of the Museum of the Future where ashtrays are artifacts. Corbin's Maxims (in honor of Mohan Singh) ​Food for thought has no calories, therefore be glutinous. Be wary of any person or organization that spends more effort and money telling you about the good things they do than they do in doing good things.   Do not sit in a traffic jam and curse the traffic as if you are not part of it.   In health education there is no need to fear weapons of mass discussion.   Use a scale to weigh yourself, not to comment on the scale's accuracy.   Beware of people with facts dysmorphia.   Changing people's health behaviors is not rocket science--it's harder.     It is quite possible that the day will come when, in matters of health advice, that your parents will listen to you with the same skepticism as you did to them in your youth.   Attend presentations to learn, not to wonder why your colleagues or acquaintances are not there.   How is it that in life we don't know what others want, but when someone dies we say things like: "She would have wanted it that way?" How many PowerPoint presentations have you seen that are PowerPointless?   When does a person become an adult?  According to Disney World at age 10, according to over-the-counter medicine labels at age 12, to vote age 18, to buy and drink alcohol legally age 21, and according to car rental companies and insurance companies age 25.  Isn't that Goofy?   Abstinence is a foolproof method of preventing pregnancy and sexual transmitted infections when used as directed.  Unfortunately, abstinence is seldom used as directed.   The withdrawal method of birth control has its drawbacks.   Talking about condoms causes people to have sex in the same way that talking about bike helmets causes people to ride bicycles. Other Singh-like quotes For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.--Lily Tomlin Humor is a rubber sword - it allows you to make a point without drawing blood.--Mary Hirsch The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.--David M. Ogilvy I hope life isn't a big joke, because I don't get it. - - Jack Handey Chris Rock believes comedy is half about bringing people to a revelation that would be uncomfortable if they weren't laughing. 

Hod Ogden Award

Public Health Education & Health Promotion Section, APHA

David E. Corbin, PhD, emeritus professor of health education at the University of Nebraska Omaha and former adjunct professor of public health at University of Nebraska Medical Center was selected as the 2009 winner of the the Hod Ogden Award for the use of humor in health education, health promotion and health communications by the Public Health Education and Health Promotion section (PHEHP) of the American Public Health Association (APHA). PHEHP is the largest section in APHA, which is the oldest, largest and most diverse organization of public health professionals in the world. Here is some background information about Dr. Corbin, the 2010 Singh Award winner. Dr. David E. Corbin has been a health educator for over 40 years in elementary, middle, and high schools. He has taught in universities and for lifelong learning programs for older adults. Corbin has appeared on "Late Night" with David Letterman to demonstrate how to use homemade play equipment for “green” fitness activities. These ideas came from a book that he co-authored with his brother Charles B. Corbin. The TV segment can be viewed by clicking : here.   More recently, Dr. Corbin has created video dances and music videos to raise awareness about environmental and safety issues.. He has assumed the alter-egos of Bagdaddy, Bag Monster and the Plastic Straw Scarecrow. Bagdaddy has been performed live and on video at many venues. Corbin's videos have been viewed over 150,000 times on youtube.com and teachertube.com.   To access many of Corbin's videos visit: http://www.youtube.com/ednibroc or click on the links in the browser menu at the top of this page. Teachertube link: https://www.teachertube.com/user/channel/dcorbin