David E. Corbin, PhD

Happy New Year!

Now using both eyes read the number below.

Summer Eyes 

If you chose #2 and/or if you couldn't read the number 2020 you will need the special glasses shown below.

Ten Best List

To jump on the band wagon of the media’s love of producing lists of the “best in the year” or now the “best of the decade” Summer Eyes offers the following – The Best Numbers from 1 to 10 this Decade:
 Number 1:  6
Number 2:  3
Number 3:  4
Number 4:  7
Number 5:  8
Number 6:  2
Number 7: 10
Number 8:  9
Number 9:  1 & 5 (tie)

2020 Vision

We at Summer Eyes are not too embarrassed to use 2020 jokes. In fact, our 2020 vision predicts that such jokes will proliferate throughout the year and, for the older crowd, references will be made to Barbara Walters saying "This is 2020." 

For now, cover one eye and indicate which is clearer. Number 1 or number 2.

44th  Anniversary  * 33rd Computer Issue

28th Mac Issue * 22nd Online Issue ​

January 2020

Does  Anybody Know What Time It Is or Even What Day It Is?

Josie and  David are still not sure what time or what day it is even after coming  back from the other side of the International Date Line in  New Zealand several months ago. They do remember that it was a great trip with NatGeo Adventures despite being in Christchurch the day of the horrible mass shooting. They left Christchurch  the morning of the afternoon massacre.  

Summer Eyes Online continues to promise to deliver the following: 1) a cheap substitute for holiday cards; 2) a lofty tradition of impersonal, self-laudatory and infrequent correspondence; 3) a pun on the word  “summarize," 4) a guarantee that this newsletter will not be sent before Christmas so that it can also serve as a single mailing of holiday cheer as well as serving as an inexpensive thank you card to gift givers (and to serve as a gentle reminder to those who fail to realize that it is better to give than receive) ; 5) a method of avoiding printing, copying, paper and postage costs, i.e., being cheap and;  6) a summary for those who haven't seen or didn't bother to look at Facebook  or Instagram postings.
(Eyes by Quinn and Lily)

Josie Rewrites History, David Has Energy, Quinn's (C+C Mini Factory) Image Appears in The Book of Mini

Josie is part of a crowd sourced project with the Library of Congress where  she transcribes historical letters. She continues to volunteer at Dundee Elementary School.

David will once again teach the Energy Policy course at Creighton University and continues to be the chair of the Nebraska Sierra Club. A  C+C Mini Factory  image is published in The Book of Mini.  A Night at the Farm: A Bedtime Party published by Running Press Kids will be on the shelves in February 2021.  Start lining up now. 

Quinn continues to work at Clubbed Thumb, NYC downtown theater company.