Dancing at Yellowstone

C+C Mini Factory Nabs a 2015 Shorty Award

C+C Mini Factory, the brainchild of Quinn Corbin and Chelsea Cates, won the 2015 Shorty Award for Best Instagrammer. The Shorty Awards  "honor the  best in social media." The award was presented  at an April 20 ceremony at the TimesCenter in downtown Manhattan. In their category were the likes of Mindy Kaling and Kate Spade. Quinn and Chelsea accepted the award by saying: “Mini thanks.”  (See the slide show on this page to see samples of some of C+C Mini Factory’s most popular images).

C+C Mini Factory has also done some Instagram work for Starbucks and other companies.

Quinn continues to work at the American Associates of the National Theatre as Development & Special Events Manager in New York City. Her job takes her to San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C. and London. In addition, she is reading scripts for plays for various organizations.  She has come across some interesting playwrights and some playwrongs.

                            David Corbin Thinks the Environment is  Somehow Important

David continues to work on environmental issues.  Said Corbin: “I can’t seem to shake it. Everywhere I go, there’s the environment. It seems to have me surrounded.” This year David completed Climate Reality training and he took two MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) from the University of Wisconsin, Madison—The Earth and Energy and Climate Change Policy & Public Health.  Starting in January David will be teaching a course called Energy Policy at Creighton University.

P.S. David was present when the Nebraska women’s volleyball team won the NCAA National Championships in Omaha. It was a record crowd for an NCAA volleyball game—17, 561.  Said Corbin proudly: “I was the (1) in that 561 part of that number.”


Nebraska Huskers Football Go to Ersatz Bowl

Nebraska didn't make it to a real bowl like the Sugar Bowl. Instead they got an invite to the  Aspartame Bowl. Actually  it was the Foster Farms Bowl. Nebraska beat UCLA but ended the season with a losing record.

Summer Eyes​

Couple Explores Grand Tetons & Yellowstone
David and Josie visited the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park and found out that there are interesting things to do besides looking at Facebook, looking at YouTube videos and watching TV. Old Faithful has more views than  most YouTube videos, and it appears that there are animals that don’t live in zoos. That’s wild!


Summer Eyes Online continues to promise to deliver the following: 1) a cheap substitute for holiday cards; 2) a lofty tradition of impersonal, self-laudatory, and infrequent correspondence; 3) a pun on the word  “summarize," 4) a guarantee that this newsletter will not be sent before Christmas so that it can also serve as a single mailing of holiday cheer as well as serving as an inexpensive thank you card to gift givers (and to serve as a gentle reminder to those who fail to realize that it is better to give than receive),  and 5) a method of avoiding printing, copying, paper and postage costs, i.e., being cheap.
6) a summary for those who haven't seen or didn't bother to look at our Facebook postings.

​ (E
yes by Lily--and, yes, Lily does exhibit heterochromia iridum a.k.a. different colored eyes)..

                    Josie Puts Off Task

To those of you who know Josie well, you know that she is organized and, well, sometimes impulsive and compulsive. Indeed, she has been called Josie Memo-Corbin by some people because of her reminders to do this or do that. So, this is big news. After recently shopping at one grocery store she actually stopped herself from going to another that same day. Said Josie, “It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pleasant but I did it or rather, I didn’t do it.”

David E. Corbin, PhD

Josie Hits 70 Amid Cries of Incredulity

Josie Metal-Corbin is now 70 years old. When David reveals to friends and acquaintances that Josie is 70, people are incredulous. “How can that be?” they say, you look much younger.” David then informs these people that he will be 70 in May. This is followed by complete silence. 

                    Josie Goes to the Dogs

 In her retirement, Josie Metal-Corbin, is going to the dogs. This means that she and Lily, the husky/border collie mix, are in training to achieve therapy dog status. This is not easy because Lily’s husky side wants to pull and her border collie side wants to herd (although if Josie and Lily end up visiting elementary schools, the herding instinct may prove to be helpful, especially with kindergarteners). graph here.

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