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         Josie Demonstrates,  David Explains
Josie and David have finally learned to measure time into something other than semesters.  Josie has been leading a dance class for refugees at Yates Community Center.   Since the participants speak many different languages and since there are not enough interpreters for all of the languages, Josie leads without words so the participants can follow along with her movements and the music.   On the other hand, David leads an exercise class for older adults who all speak English, but two of the participants are blind so he has to carefully explain all of the movements.  This is what our UNO College of Education used to call orchestrating the learning environment. In addition, Josie volunteers at Dundee Elemenatary School and David summoned the energy to teach an Energy Policy course at Creighton University in the spring.

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Left hand keyboard sample.

Summer Eyes​


Summer Eyes Online continues to promise to deliver the following: 1) a cheap substitute for holiday cards; 2) a lofty tradition of impersonal, self-laudatory, and infrequent correspondence; 3) a pun on the word  “summarize," 4) a guarantee that this newsletter will not be sent before Christmas so that it can also serve as a single mailing of holiday cheer as well as serving as an inexpensive thank you card to gift givers (and to serve as a gentle reminder to those who fail to realize that it is better to give than receive) ; 5) a method of avoiding printing, copying, paper and postage costs, i.e., being cheap and 6) a summary for those who haven't seen or didn't bother to look at our Facebook postings.

(Eyes by Quinn)

David E. Corbin, PhD

Quinn Continues at AANT & is Bi-Coastal
Quinn frequently travels to San Francisco, D.C. and London for her job as Special Events Manager for the American Associates of the National Theatre. This summer Quinn, Tim and Annie moved to Ridgewood which borders Brooklyn and Queens. Despite their dog being a Weagle they refuse to use the term Quooklyn. She is currently an independent script reader for New York Theatre Workshop, Juilliard, and Sundance Theatre Lab. Ten years after her role as Conference Coordinator during the inaugural year of the Great Plains (aka Plain Great) Theatre Conference, she returned as a guest artist.  C+C Mini Factory continues to create small worlds after all and has almost 36,000 followers on Instagram. Josie, Char and David will join Quinn for a visit to London in February.

David Continues Continues to Pick Up Trash on His Daily Walks. Oh, the things that are thrown

I'll Walk You Down the Aisle in the Emerald Isle for a While

Josie, Quinn, Josie's sister Charlene and David visited Ireland and fulfilled the Irish saying:

May the Irish hills caress you.
May her lakes and rivers bless you.
May the luck of the Irish enfold you.

                                                                 And it did.


Trips within the USA proved rewarding.

Josie is working on the equivalent of a qwerty keyboard for emojis.

David Defies Retirement Protocol

Since retiring in 2011, David has stopped playing golf and is gardening less.  "There's just not enough time," Corbin said.  David went on to say: "I now view time as our dog, Lily does. Maybe time is there, maybe it isn't. It's likely that Lily did or didn't find Schrodinger's cat. Wait, maybe it was Heisenberg's cat. I'm not certain. Time is a human construct. Am I right, people?  Do I hear an Amen?"

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