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So-What Sojourns

Short trips were made to Lincoln to see the total eclipse of the sun, northeast Nebraska with the Sierra Club and Georgia for the American Public Health Association Conference.

Figure 1 - Hard white material about 4-5 cm.

Figure 2 - Possible reconstruction of object.

Figure 3 - Hard white material with possible softer attachment. Hard material about 6-7 cm.

Figure 4 - Possible reconstruction (dotted line indicates that an attachment may have connected the top two prominences).

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January 2018

Newfoundland Calls

Asking the question, how far east can you go in North America, Josie and David set out for Newfoundland.  Not quite in the league of British aviators John Alcock and Arthur Brown who made the first non-stop transatlantic flight from St. John's, Newfoundland to County Galway, Ireland in June 1919, Josie and David did drive on an unpaved road for several kilometers and visited the root cellar capital of the world!

Lily’s new boots

Do not read this. It is boring, self promoting pap.

David will once again teach Energy Policy at Creighton University in 2018. Josie will continue volunteering at Dundee Elementary School where Quinn attended. Josie is mastering third grade vocabulary and David, who is 71 can read at the 73 year old level.

Lily tries out her new boots.

Summer Eyes Online continues to promise to deliver the following: 1) a cheap substitute for holiday cards; 2) a lofty tradition of impersonal, self-laudatory and infrequent correspondence; 3) a pun on the word  “summarize," 4) a guarantee that this newsletter will not be sent before Christmas so that it can also serve as a single mailing of holiday cheer as well as serving as an inexpensive thank you card to gift givers (and to serve as a gentle reminder to those who fail to realize that it is better to give than receive) ; 5) a method of avoiding printing, copying, paper and postage costs, i.e., being cheap and;  6) a summary for those who haven't seen or didn't bother to look at our Facebook postings.
(Eyes by Quinn)

I See London

In February Josie, David and Charlene (Josie's sister) joined Quinn in London  after she finished her London theatre tour as part of her job at the American Associates of the National Theatre. They tried, in vain, to get the Brits to spell theatre as theater. Nevertheless, they attended two performances at the National Theatre (er).

500 Years in the Future

Archaeologists uncovered ancient objects in what was once known as Silicon Valley. They are trying to determine if these objects served some utilitarian purpose or if they were decorative items.


David wants to legally change his name to Anonymous  thereby making him one of the top benefactors in the world.

Small Minded

Quinn Metal Corbin was downsizing before the movie "Downsizing"  as can be attested to in this front page Omaha World-Herald article.