Quinn Changes Jobs

Quinn Metal Corbin left the American Associates of the National Theatre to become Advancement Director for Clubbed Thumb.  "Clubbed Thumb commissions, develops and produces funny, strange and provocative new plays by living American writers."  Quinn and Chelsea Cates of C+C Mini Factory have a contract with Running Press Kids for a book entitled "When the Farm Goes to Sleep." David's idea for the same title was not picked up. See the illustration below.

Corbin Hugs Trees

(It's consensual)

As Nebraska Chapter Sierra Club chair, David Corbin is a known tree hugger.  He is one of those weirdos who writes letters to the editor (remember those things called newspapers?).  Said Corbin, "When it comes to trees it's mostly bark and no bite." Willa Cather, famed Nebraska author said: "I like trees because they seem more resigned to the way they have to live than other things do." And, speaking of trees, David purchased a LEAF - a Nissan electric car and he wrote a love song to his car.  As depicted in that scientific news source "South Park," David will be replacing his smog pollution with smug pollution. "Excuse me, you say you use gas?"

Josie's volunteering

Josie is still volunteering twice a week at Dundee Elementary School where she studies up on "reinforcement of the signal words and phrases" to help the fifth graders.  In addition, she is volunteering for the League of Women Voters.

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North to Alaska
In September Josie and David joined a National Geographic tour of Alaska via trains and boats and planes and buses. With this group of traveling companions you would be hard pressed to name a place in the world where one of more people haven't been.  Next stop New Zealand in March.

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The obligatory yearly video of Lily.

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Summer Eyes 

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January 2019

We will miss Charles

Charles Michael Metal, 63, of Coal Center, Pennsylvania passed away on Sunday, December 9th in Pittsburgh’s Montefiore Hospital, surrounded by family and friends. Charles was an avid rugby player for CAL U Roosterhead Rugby Club for seventeen years. He was an award-winning businessman who served as the President and Owner of C.M.M. Associates since 1991. He had a hearty, infectious laugh and a mischievous twinkle in his eye, charming people everywhere he went. He was a skilled bow hunter, loyal friend and mentor to many. He is survived by Jeannine Metal, his wife of 40 years (Coal Center, PA); his sister Charlene Givens and her husband Ted (Export, PA); his sister Josephine Metal-Corbin, her husband David (Omaha, NE) and niece Quinn Metal Corbin (Queens, NY). He is preceded in death by his father Charles Metal and his mother Josephine Metal (Zuffante).

David's rejected  image for "When the Farm Goes to Sleep"

David E. Corbin, PhD